OVA-004 Unique Hand-Painted Artistic Home Signs Size: 230mm x 350mm



RM 779.00

Lovely Oval Artistic Home Sign [OVA-004]
Lovely Oval Artistic Home Sign [OVA-004]
oval sign_ova-004_03_Nasar's Hill Cabin
oval sign_ova-004_04_17 Home Sweet Home
oval sign_ova-004_05_22 Prosperous
oval sign_ova-004 Dove


Sign Type: [OVA-003] Size: 230mm x 350mm

Cast in sold reinforced resin, our signs are tough and will not rust or corrode.
Each sign is sprayed with several coats of durable weather resistant coating, resulting in beautiful lasting gloss finish. All lettering, numbers, motif and sculptures are cast in relief creating an impressive substantial and stylish unique hand-painted home sign.


Lead Time: 4 weeks from date of order confirmation.

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