Contemporary Rectangular Glass Etching Signs Size: 200mm x 450mm

(GSR-450-11 Sandblast glass with black letters)


RM 379.00

GSS-200 Square Glass Sign
GSS-200 Square Glass Sign
Sign Type: GSR-450
Size: 200mm x 450mm x 6mm thick
Finishing: Clear Glass With Black Letters.
Lead Time: 2-3 weeks from date of order confirmation.



Contemporary glass and mirror signs are a timeless, elegant way to enhance the ambience of your house.  All glass signs strat with etching on reverse side with painted letters or etched letters for added visual interest.  Avialable shape in rectangular, oval and square, choose and order high visible glass or mirror sign for your house today.

Finishing:Glass with colour letters.

size:200mm x 450mm x 6mm thick




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