Contemporary Indoor Waterfall

(WFA-125A Contemporary Indoor Waterfall )


RM 5,499.00

Smooth Waves Indoor Waterfall Floor Fountain
Smooth Waves Indoor Waterfall Floor Fountain
Contemporary Indoor Waterfall Showcase at KLCC HomeDec
Smooth Waves Indoor Waterfall Floor Fountain Size & Dimension
Smooth Waves Indoor Waterfall Floor Fountain

Floor Fountains, Freestanding Water Features & Standalone Water Walls

The Elegant  Wave Floor Fountain has a modern, unique design that will make it a striking accent in your home or office. The surface of this fountain has a rippled texture, which highlights the beauty of the falling water. A high output, recirculating electric pump and underwater halogen light are concealed in the basin among natural river rocks. The light illuminates the fountain beautifully, and comes with interchangeable color filters in blue, green, red, and yellow. Place two or three of these fountains next to each other on a floor to create a custom look that's just right for your living space. 

Combine the sights and sounds of rippling water with auto changing colored LED accent lighting and you've got yourself a truly unique and refreshing conversation piece.

Do not use household cleaning products on this fountain - use plastic polishes only, which can be found in hardware stores. 

* This fountain includes special ordering instructions. Please read Information section above before placing an order.

Size: 1250mm (w) x 2000mm (h) x 300mm (d) 

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Feng Shui Tip:
Water is considered a vital aspect of Feng Shui. Practices often include adding running water in the home or office as a method of creating a beneficial flow of energy and creativity. The sound of running water is also believed to ease stress and promote a serene atmosphere. 

**Please note shipment to Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore, Brunei, Australia etc, shipping fee will be calculated based on the actual or volumetric weight whichever is higher.



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