Aluminium Secure & Safe Key Box For 24 Keys

(MKB-024 Aluminium Key Box 24 Keys)


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Aluminium Secure & Safe Key Box
Aluminium Secure & Safe Key Box
Aluminium Secure & Safe Key Boxes

Aluminium Secure & Safe Key Box For 24 Keys

* This is a safe box for hanging and keeping keys.There is a general control lock in 1/2 of the body with the capacity of many different keys .It is easy to distinguish the keys according to key tag information.

* It is made of high quality aluminium and by advanced craftsmanship, which makes the product strong and durable.


* It is widely used in the estate management,storage management,hotel, guesthouse,hospital,sauna and other administrative institutions.


* It is lockable key box is easy to manage and store keys for rooms,cars,file cabinets etc. We provide various capacity ranging from 24 keys .Besides, removable tag is very convenient because you can write and different information as needed.The product is with fashionable appearance and is very popular among internationa market.


* Artistic key box is widely used in garage, company, bank, hotel, office, supermarket. Elegant, useful, convenient, various and help to save more space -- Artistic key box is suitable for anywhere keys were once in a clutter! Artistic key box helps to save your time and makes your work more efficient.


Size: 320mm H x 210mm W x 60mm D




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